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One of the most asked questions we get from out of town visitors is "Is there anything left to see in Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky National Park?"The answer is a resounding "YES!" The Downtown "Strip" was unaffected by the fires as is the vast majority of the National Park. Approximately 30 miles of trails remain closed, but there are still over 780 miles to hike from easy, short Quiet Walkways to the section of the Applachian Trail that calls Smoky Mountains home. We in the Arts and Crafts Community also stand ready to help you make your stay in the Mountains as memorable as ever.

See our News/Events page We have added some activities for the Eclipse Weekend (August 19-21), Tennessee Craft Week (October 6 - 15) and our Fall Gallery Gathering (October 18 - 22). Check them out!

Hands on Gatlinburg April 7 - 9 2017

This year's Hands On Gatlinburg is now in the History Books. We at Cliff Dwellers worked, slaved and cleaned till our fingers were worn to the bone - not really, but we did spiffy up the place a bit before the Students arrived. Instructors and Students alike were tired, but extremely happy with the classes and the items they went home with. The only trouble we had was the traffic in Pigeon Forge - we found out too late that we were competing with the Rod Run for space on the streets of Sevier County. Anyone who has enjoyed the traffic snarls of a Rod Run Weekend knows what I am talking about. For those who haven't had that particular joy, I can only describe it as the worst jam up you have seen pictured on the Los Angeles Freeway system at rush hour with 6 accidents in a 1/2 mile of freeway. Then squish all the levels of the freeway into just one. You have the beginning of an understanding of our Rod Run weekends in Sevier County TN.

Plans are on the drawing table for Hands On Gatlinburg 2018 already and our goal is to make it bigger and better than the first 2 years combined. Without the traffic issues of 2017, please

Pictures from Hands On Gatlinburg 2017

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